I was drawn literally to the warmth and beauty of Hotspot fire pits while having dinner outside at a friend’s house.  It didn’t take long to convince me of the fun I would have experimenting with different foods on it’s durable grate cooking surface.  I use our 42” hotspot fire pit to grill out with friends or simply cook dinner for my family.  We love the ambiance, the foot rail for relaxing and the mesmerizing flames.  I use the cooking grate all the time to grill vegetables, skewers of meat and sides of salmon.  I appreciate being able to move the grill surface closer to the fire for more intense heat if needed or away while keeping something warm.  Cooking over wood imparts a wonderful flavor and creates a centerpiece to connect and share with friends.  We are able all year round to work on perfecting the art of s’mores! 

Stew Dietz
Owner Dietz Catering,
Winthrop Washington


Our family has an annual fondue party on New Years Day where we invite a bunch of friends over for melted cheese, football bowl games and sledding. This year we added an outdoor component with a couple of Hot Spot fire pits. With 150 people at our house we really needed the outdoor space for people to congregate, and the Hot Spots made for great gathering (and warming) places while sipping hot chocolate or sipping beers. These are awesome, portable pits that work perfectly for us, even in the dead of winter.

E.A. Weymuller